Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Big boy bed

Sunday, February 11, 2007
Big Boy Bed
Last night I tucked my firstborn into a crib for the last time. Sob. Yes, I teared up a little and I did take pictures!
Today we talked about his big boy bed and how we would have a surprise for him in place of his crib. So, while my mom and grandma played with the boys downstairs, Ryan and I dismantled the crib and stored it in the attic (for the next 3 months until we need it for Livi's room!) and put together the big boy toddler bed. We made a big production of the surprise and coming up the steps to open the door to his room, camcording and snapping pictures the whole way.
He was all smiles as he crawled into the bed for the first time, and Sam was equally excited with the surprise! We read his story and snuggled up for a few minutes before leaving the room and closing the door. We watched on the monitor as he checked out the room, climbing in and out of bed, and playing with his toys. At one point, I cracked up when I saw a tiny hand sliding out from under his door. He opened his door once, but when he saw me coming up the stairs, he slammed it shut again! After going in twice to talk about laying in bed and taking a nap, and two poopy diaper changes, he finally snuggled in and fell asleep. It only took about an hour and he slept for 2.5 hours!
Tonight we read his story in bed at his request, and snuggled for a few minutes before saying goodnight. He played for aabout thirty minutes before passing out!
We are so proud of how well he has transitioned to his big boy bed, even if Mommy wasn't so brave!

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