Friday, March 23, 2007

The vomit finally hit the fan

Well, I was reading another post recently from "Where Boys Fear to Tread" that was entitled "You're Not A Parent Until You've..." and I need to add to that until you've been showered with vomit!
You would think that as the mother of nearly 3 children under three (number three being due in June) I would already have experienced a puke shower, but not until today. My two year old woke up this morning complaining that he "didn't feel well" but he just kinda rolled around on the couch watching Playhouse Disney, so I assumed he had woken up too early and would just require an early nap. Until he started slapping his lips together in that tell-tale my mouth is filling up with saliva and I'm about to toss cookies kind of way. I didn't want to scare him by rushing him to the bathroom because he has never thrown up before (other than the occasional bit during a dramatic crying episode from time-out), so I sat there and watched as he erupted into a chunky milky volcano all over me and the couch. My plan backfired, because as I freaked out, I upset him anyhow, so I should have just been preemptive and headed for the bathroom in the first place. Poor little guy. He hasn't thrown up since this morning, but the smells coming outta that kid could be used in chemical warfare, for sure.
I knew right away when my neighbor called to say "Well, we won't be playing outside today after all" that we were in trouble.
"Are your kids throwing up," I asked?
"Yep, they started last night," she responded despondently. At least we're in it together.
I'm still waiting for his brother to throw up, but so far, so good. We'll see what happens. Wish me luck!

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