Thursday, March 8, 2007

Survival of the 72 hour spree

Okay, so I know for some (read: MANY) moms, being home alone with your kids for three straight days and nights is no big deal, but I am not one of them. The thought of two nights is unsettling to me, but three goes straight to downright panic and mayhem. Perhaps the only thing worse than spending the three nights alone to do dinner, bath, and bed with our two year old, one year old, and my six month pregnant belly is when it's a surprise. That's what happened this week.
I knew Ryan would be gone for Monday and Tuesday nights on a business trip, and I managed to get through with the knowledge that Wednesday night, I would get a (albeit small) break from the routine and isolation. However, about 10:30 Wednesday morning I got a call from hubby that went like this:
"I have bad news."
Me: "What?"
Him: "I have a business dinner tonight."
Me: "You're kidding, right?"
Him: "No, actually I'm not. But I can just go for drinks and be home around 7:30."
Me: "Well, since you won't make it home in time for dinner with us OR to help put the kids to bed, you may as well get a free dinner out of it."
Him: "Okay. I'll call you later."

So, the light at the end of the tunnel became a dot, then a speck, then disappeared, leaving me in the dark...ALONE... with two toddlers and a six month pregnant belly. My hubby is back home tonight and helped bathe and put the kids to bed, but I strangely don't feel that relaxed. Maybe it's because tonight I actually had to cook and clean up dinner...I can't win.
Next week is a new week.

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