Wednesday, March 14, 2007

We've been busy...

Whew, the past days have been chock full of playdates and warm weather that we have NOT wanted to waste inside. I swear that being outside creates different kids. Inside, my kids are bored, whiney, difficult, and did I mention BORED? Despite the bajillion toys they have strewn all over my house, and my feeble attempts to entertain them with sing a longs and various activities. Not only do they seem happier outside, but they become more tired for their naps which is just a serious bonus! Yesterday the boys were introduced to a trampoline. It had to be the world's safest trampoline, with padding all around the edges and over the springs, a tall zip-up netting and even the bars holding up the netting were padded. You know a trampoline is safe when you have 6 two year olds jumping at the same time and no one gets hurt! Sam couldn't keep his footing on it (but hey, at fourteen months he can't even walk spectacularly on uneven ground so it's understandable!) but belly laughed the whole time as the older kids bounced him around popcorn style on his tummy! Jackson loved it too, and since his jumping on the ground is more of a prance than an athletic jump, I imagine he felt something like an astronaut discovering a lack of gravity! But not only did they have a blast, they were SOOOO tired come naptime, there was zero battle and they took a long, restful snooze in the afternoon. I think we may NEEEEEED to add a trampoline to our swingset, sandbox, and motorized car backyard extravaganza. Today we invited all the kiddos on the street over for a morning playdate, and again, they went down for their naps dirt-streaked and exhausted. It actually gave me the energy to supply an afternoon activity of easter egg color sorting and dexterity practice switching eggs around in muffin tins, bowls, and egg cartons with the use of 4 pairs of tongs. Ordinarily this would be an idea I would plan, buy materials for, and assemble, but be to tired to actually negotiate when push came to shove and the boys would wind up watching "The Land Before Time" again for the 8 billionth time in a week. But not today. Two beautiful days outside NOT fighting with my kids and NOT listening to them fight with each other renewed this pregnant momma and let me PLAY with my kids. I think Jackson said "I wuv you Mommy" and "Tanks, Mom" more today than "Sowwy, Mommy" and it was a refreshing change from the past few weeks. Come on, Spring...don't fail me now!

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