Sunday, February 3, 2008

Bubbles in the bathtub

Most of the afternoon was spent outside with the boys happily riding their new Ford truck from Christmas. It always amazes me how content Sammy is to be the passenger in that thing! It was in the 60s today, and was our first warm day in a while. As I brought out a tray of snacks (apple slices, cheese cubes, vanilla wafers, and goldfish crackers) Sammy chose a cheese cube and said as he smiled, "Mmmm, bootiful." He must be the only two year old to describe food as beautiful! Until it's warm enough for bubbles outside again, we have been amusing ourselves with bubbles in the bathtub. I think I enjoy it almost as much as the boys (okay, maybe more!) and find huge satisfaction in making the biggest possible bubble, and quickly puffing it away before the boys can pop it. They think it's hilarious when a bubble pops, either at their own hands, or on a wall, ceiling, or spontaneous combustion (although the latter is perhaps their favorite!).


Fern said...

Girl, you are a go-getter! Talk to me about these inside bubbles. Do you just let them use the normal bubble wands and solution? Do you do something with actual bubble bath? Talk me through it. Do you have to wash down your walls afterwards?

They are so cute, and clearly adore each other. Of course we're crazy for having kids so close in age... but times like that I know it was the absolute best decision ever.

Miriam said...

You know the million trillion tiny little bubble bottles you collect from birthday party favor bags? Or maybe that's just something everyone does here in the South...anyhoo, if they are good and get scrubbed up, I'll blow some, let them blow some, etc. Course, I'm in the tub WITH them about 99% of the time...I LOVE taking a warm bath at the end of the day, and I may as well get some kids washed at the same time. Then hubby gets them out and dressed while I spend some time lotioning, face creaming, and getting into my pjs. It really does help me relax into the evening- highly recommend it.
Enough rambling- back to the bubbles. Nope, no wall scrubbing involved- course as you could see from the splashes on my curtains, they get a pretty good rinse every night anyways. ;-) That's it! I just blow bubbles- pretty simple. And if they get too wild, I put them away and they lose them for that night and can try again the next night.

In regards to the kids so close together- what's a decision? Ha! All three of mine have been a surprise (I know, not enough sex education in high school :-)) but a wonderful thing nonetheless. So many of my friends with one kid or a couple of kids spread out talk about their kids driving them crazy for entertainment. I love that our kids always have a playmate.
p.s.- I LOVE your blog posts about fun mom and gettin things done mom- SOOOOOO true. Those two battle it out in my house all the time too!