Thursday, February 28, 2008

A shocking return invitation:

We were invited back to the neighbor's house to play today! Yay! I think perhaps it was only because I cook and she doesn't, and I offered to bring a breakfast casserole and homemade pumpkin muffins with homemade cream cheese icing (I had many things to apologize for, you know!) but we were invited back nonetheless. Other than the boys borrowing her son's underwear to wear overtop of their pullups (sorry about that!) and becoming crying blithering messes when it was time to come home for naps, we didn't trash her house! Hurray for us! Added bonus: since we weren't home, they didn't trash my house today either! Double hurray!

Edited to add: I KNEW there was something I was forgetting, and when I got up to use the bathroom, it returned to me! So MAYBE the boys put a bunch of tissues in the neighbor's downstairs toilet and clogged it up, but it didn't overflow and I offered to do the plunging, so I don't think it made us look TOO bad; plus her kids were in on the tissue stuffing, so alls well that ends well!

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