Sunday, February 17, 2008

Our Valentine treats 2008

First, these are the beautiful flowers from Ryan...presented Valentine's morning alongside a box of Jelly Belly beans, cards for me and the kids, and a box of fresh Dunkin Donuts...mmm, yum!
This is our flowerpot bouquet to take to playgroup and give to our little buddies there.
These are the Valentines Jack took to school, and also to playgroup and the neighbors. We made over 45 Valentines all total. Whew, glad it's only once a year!
The kiddos enjoyed their Valentine care packages from Mimi, Grandma Sadler, and Grandma. But the temporary tattoos were a HUGE hit, and I even sported a lady bug on my foot all weekend. Tons of fun! Love those chubby legs all decked out!
Finally, the boys really loved the giant robot singing balloon Daddy brought home for them. Unfortunately, he met an untimely demise just 15 minutes after the boys received him. Apparently he was a "bad guy" and it appears he was sliced with a semi-sharp object, but forensics haven't gotten back to me yet. Anyhoo, I was secretly glad because the huge singing heart they got last year lasted way.too.long and those songs were burned into my poor aching brain for ages afterward. Happy V day to my sweet kids! Mommy loves you SOOOO much!

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