Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Spidertoddler, anyone?

Somehow in the last few days, the spiderman obsession around here has grown to outrageous proportions. I feel like I'm trapped in a constant action movie starring toddler boys who are convinced they are spiderman and I am of course, the enemy. There's only so much pummeling a person's kidneys can take. And yes, the head butting actually knocks the wind out of me sometimes! Sammy got the plush my first Spiderman and a BuildABear Spidermonkey for his second birthday, and they are getting quite a bit of use lately. Unfortunately, Spidermonkey lost his uniform yesterday because it had to be washed after Sam peed on him. Ew! Actually, to be completely accurate, Sam peed onto the floor through his Spiderman underwear and we thought Spidermonkey was the only victim. Turned out later that Sam had actually peed on the kitchen floor and cleverly discovered it when the two superheroes went tearing through the kitchen at breakneck speeds and Sam slipped in his own urine, becoming a human slip n slide and gliding around covering himself in pee. FABULOUS!
There is a constant shooting of spiderwebs and a mimed tearing off of said imaginary spiderwebs with great gusto and loud cries of power. The boys run all over the house, and the Spiderman pjs are the only ones they want to wear. Of course.
I wondered why they had this sudden push for Spiderman, especially since we only watch PBS and the occasional Disney show, so I wasn't really sure how Spiderman even became known to them. Until I came home from the grocery store the other day and found my husband and two sons huddled around the computer watching Spiderman movie trailers. Great! That's just what every child psychologist recommends! Woohoo!
So, until I can find a way to brainwash them back to loving "DragonTales" and Dr. Seuss, I guess I'm just going to have to continue to be the Green Goblin. That is, when the wind isn't being knocked out of me.

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Fern said...

Oh, I love it! That is so how it is around here. I finally had to talk to Jason about how just because a movie is based on a comic book, it is not appropriate for little eyes.

I am about to email you with the best game EVER for your boys!