Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Fire in the hole!

This morning we had some friends over to play, and of course all three of my kids took that opportunity to make LOTS of poo for me to change. Hurray!
As a bit of background for this post (although I think you know where this is going), after a quick trip to the outlets last night we stopped for some Chinese food and the boys ate quite a bit of the spicy hot and sour soup and General Tsao's chicken. Sam also seemed to have a mild allergic reaction to something he ate, but his list of food allergies is soooo huge, that we often have no idea what has caused it despite having him tested. It does usually tear up his tummy, though.
SOOO, after changing a BUNCH of diapers this morning, Sam came in, walking like a cowboy who's been on a LONG excursion and said "Mommy, I made poopoo. Change me, Mommy. It's diarrhea kind. Change me mommy. Dere's fire in there."
As I changed him, he added "Use creamy, Mommy."
Today we had fire in the hole and clear evidence that if you can say you have diarrhea, fire in there, and use cream, you need to be pooping in the potty. Sigh.


Jodie Allen said...

bailey, my two year old, is that descriptive with her poops too! It's either, "just little poops mommy" or "that poop too big, it hurt my bottom" or "it diarrhea" and although she's never used fire to describe the feeling, she does request cream when "my poops burn my bottom!"

we haven't tried Chinese with the kids yet and this makes me think we won't for a long time! :)

Fern said...

My boys have only been using the potty since fall, and they turned 3 in August. No point to that except to say you are far from the latest potty trainer on the block!

I am impressed with his descriptions! Griffin used to do the cowboy walk over to me and say, "Mama, I dot a bunny tail."