Monday, February 25, 2008

To Olivia - with two teeth

Wow! You'll be 8 months old this week and I can't believe it! You are still as bald as a cue ball, with the biggest dimples and sparkling blue eyes of any baby on earth. You are happy almost all the time, and people always comment on your demeanor as you beam away from the grocery cart, stroller, carseat, or my arms. You have two teeth now. All three of you have gotten your first teeth so early. I both love and fear those two little teeth, as you still nurse quite regularly. The first teeth are so exciting, and yet I always mourn the loss of a completely gummy smile, because there is nothing quite like it in the whole world. I can still see the you from a few weeks ago now in my mind, with your mouth wide open and those gums shining through your tiny pink lips. Now those innocent baby gums have two tiny, sharp teeth protruding, reminding me of snow after someone's footprints have marred it.
The first signs of your fangs are starting to appear now. Top teeth and bottom teeth- that's big kid stuff, you know. Soon you'll be eating all kinds of table food instead of just Cheerios, bananas and grapes. Soon you'll say more than just "mama" and I'll (wistfully) try to remember a time when you didn't talk. Sometimes when an older toddler girl goes wobbling past, I'll catch a glimpse of the future and see you wandering around, up on two feet; the time of just two teeth a memory by then. I see you growing up right before my eyes and it is both a blessing and a curse. I love you, little one. And no matter what, you will always be my baby girl.

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