Sunday, February 17, 2008

Thwarted again...

We attempted to go to church today. We haven't attended church regularly for a while, reasons such as napping children, travelling on the weekends, and an intense desire to lay around drinking coffee and reading the paper on Sunday mornings. However, we do feel that we benefit from church and that we want our kids to be in a habit of attendance.
This morning we were going to renew the tradition.
Of course everyone decided to sleep in this morning, and we had chosen to make the 9:45 service. I dashed out of bed at 8:15, throwing breakfast at the kids and hopping into the shower. The next hour was a flurry of activity, since feeding/dressing/shoeing 3 little ones takes oh, about forever, and there's always the discussion of which shoes to wear and trying to coax Sam into a sweater. Phew. I was ready to kill people by the time we were all in the car, and kept trying to relax and be more spiritual. It just seems wrong to spend the ride to church in a murderous haze.
Anyhow, as we pulled out of the garage, Ryan looked over and said "After church, I'll fill the car up with gas and pump some air into that back tire."
And then as we started to pull off our street, he stopped the car and said "Do you feel that? It's like we're dragging something," just as our neighbor's son ran up to tell us we had a flat tire.
SO, they were taking their suburban and have a spare minivan, so they helped us move our 3 carseats over to their minivan, bags, screaming kids and all, and then we parked our flat tired car in their driveway and headed back out.
By now, it was about 10:10, and too late for church. We could kill some time, and then try to hit the 11 service, but the commotion had been too much for a hysterical Sam, who had not stopped crying, basically since we put his sweater on him before leaving the house nearly an hour before, and we thought it would be best to head back home.
Only Jackson didn't want to go home. He wanted to go to CHURCH! So while Sam sat calmly in his carseat now, Jackson became a screaming, wailing, blithering mess of a kid, broken-hearted because we had PROMISED we were going to church and now we weren't anymore and WAAAAHHH!
Now they're all sleeping and Ryan is out getting a new tire. Hallelujah! Better luck next Sunday... and Mmmmm, my coffee is good.

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