Thursday, February 7, 2008

I'm back online, BABY!

Whew. I have been without internet for over 48 hours, and I feel like an addict. I can't believe how far behind I have fallen from this little "glitch" that my fantastic cable company has put me through. (Aaaargh, COMCAST.) Anywhoodle, the kids have done some amazingly cute things while I have been away from the computer letting my Banana Republic bill become late and whatnot.
Jackson had school on Wednesday, and I was going to have to take him because his carpool buddy had a field trip and went to school early. SO, he did the usual tearful exit- no crying persay, just huge watery blue eyes that make me sick as I drive away from the drop-off line. Then we headed to Olivia's doctor's appointment because nothing makes you feel like a better mom quite like holding your baby down while she gets a flu shot. Woohoo!
Then the usual grocery errands and whatnot, hitting two grocery stores because one had a deal on milk and I am the cheapest woman alive.
When we picked Jackson up from school, Sam had fallen asleep in the 2 minutes it took for me to gather Jack from the playground and walk him to the car. Jack decided he wanted tacos for lunch, so a quick swing by Taco Bell (YUCK!), and we were on our way home. As we pulled into our neighborhood Sam woke up, and I heard "Yah! Jashon's home fwom skoow!" And they held hands between their car seats as they excitedly told each other the details of their morning:
Jackson (without taking a breath at all) "Sam! I was at skoow and we had a pahty for my teachwa and we had bwownies and I made a pwetty pitchewr fow you and its in my bag and we got tacos for wunch and...."
Sam (equally enthralled) "Jashon!" We goed to da stow and we got chips and we goed to da stow and I a big helpa fow Mommy and..."
As we pulled into the garage, Jackson unhooked his seat and jumped down to show Sam the red heart he made at school for Sammy. And Sammy cheered, throwing his arms into the air and saying "Thant chu, Jashon." And Jackson said "You welcome, Sammybear," while they embraced and my heart melted into mush.
We hit 78 degrees here yesterday, so the kids spent the afternoon in the backyard playing in the sandbox, riding their truck, kicking around the soccer ball, and swinging/sliding on their playset. Olivia had her first ride in the baby swing, and although I was inside making dinner, Ryan said she seemed to like it. Her military crawling always makes me think of that yucky/stupid movie "The Grudge" and the way the creature thing moves in there. The similarity is disturbing. But she's still crazily cute and I'll try to look past the whole horror movie thing.
The boys haven't slept in the same room for two days. We keep having to split them up after they insist on getting out of bed and wreaking havoc on their room. Oddly enough, Sammy seems to prefer his old room. So maybe we'll be splitting them back up for a while. Visions of my guest room are floating sadly away. Sigh.
Sammy has taken to waking up baby sister from her naps. I never catch him IN the act, but the aftermath is a crying baby, an open door, and a quiet sound machine. I'm still trying to figure out if his presence/noise wakes her up, or if he sneaks up on her and does his trademark "Punking" move (Kind of a fierce poke to any part of another person's body.) We're thinking probably the punk. Yesterday after the second time he woke her up, he got a stern "talking to" from Mommy and ran down the hall to his room, throwing himself dramatically onto his bed and crying into his pillow like a broken-hearted teenage girl. Clearly another trait from their father - heh.

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