Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Conversations with Sam

It has been more and more fun to listen to Sammy talk, and actually "discuss" things with him, as much as you can discuss anything with a two year old! Today I had to move him back to his old room for his nap, and after he woke up and came downstairs, he was having a snack with baby sister and telling me all about the "scratchy monster" in his "woom." Actually, in his cwoset. But he told the scratchy monster "NO NO, Go way, skwachy monstew. Get OUT ma woom." Cause he's a bad guy, you know. And then he "snuggwed wif Mommy and Daddy in dere bed and was all bettew."
He asked if he could hold Olivia in the bathtub tonight, and when I smiled and said no, he said "cause I'm too wittle? I can't hode hew cause I'm too wittle, Mom?"
Sometimes he declares himself to be such a big kid, and sometimes he says, "No, I not too big Mom. I just wittle." Usually these are circumstances involving his pacifier and his bear and wanting to have them with him constantly. Or using the potty (which is out of the question) cause you know, he's just wittle.
Sometimes at the dinner table when the boys will both start talking at the same time, Jackson will freak out and put his hand up and say "No, Sam, no, no, no be quiet ONE AT A TIME!" and Sam will immediately be silent and wait for his turn to talk. Shockingly effective, and really quite cute.
I hear more and more conversations from the playroom as they work together on various tasks, and even more conversations from their bedroom pretty much every time they're supposed to be sleeping.
Sammy is definitely becoming a boy, and his babyhood is disappearing more quickly than I'm prepared to accept. But his cheeks are still chubby and incredibly soft, and he still likes to snuggle into my arms and run to me for magical boo boo kisses. Maybe he always will.

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Fern said...

Awwww... so cute!!

I love hearing the kids talk to each other. Isn't it amazing how well they understand each other's baby talk?